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Access to weight training, cardio during normal business hours $59.00 per month



Weight training, cardio plus 5 credits toward group trainings $150.00 per month



Weight training, cardio plus 10 credits toward group trainings $250.00 per month



Weight training, cardio plus 15 credits toward group trainings $337.50 per month

Includes G.O.A.T.



Weight training, cardio plus 20 credits toward group trainings $ 400.00 per month

Includes G.O.A.T

Group Trainings will be Monday-Friday
throughout the day. Training to include:

• Sport Specific Speed, Strength & Agility
• Adult Fitness
• Leg Day
• Back & Bi's
• Chest & Tri's

•ADD Greatest Of All Time - 24/7/365 access to weights & cardio.
$30 additional each month to each package. Included in Platinum & Gold.


Jade is the Director of Wellness & Fitness and will offer a variety of classes and education throughout the month:

• Introduction to weight training for women
• Total Body Fitness (strength & interval training)
• The Complete Factory (body weight training)
• Wellness 101 (Healing the Body from the inside out)
• Mindset (Routine, Commitment & Self-Confidence)

* All Classes are 1 hour in length and limited in size to 4-6 participants
* Each Class is $77 and you do not need to be a member
* A special introductory rate $177 for 3 classes per week

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Membership Options

Court XIV Remote


$250.00 per month

4 Workouts
2 Lifting Workouts (Steel Mill)
Video Breakdowns
Recruiting Consulting

Court XIV Starter


$300.00 per month with a 3 month minimum

1 Workout per week
Weekly Newsletter
Access to Doctor Dish

Court XIV All Conference


$500.00 per month

8 Workouts per month
GOAT Access (24/7)
Bi-Monthly Evaluations (progress)
Full "Steel Mill" Access
Weekly Newsletter
Additional Video Clips
Two Doctor Dish Sessions per week

Court XIV All American


$1,000.00 per month with a 3 month minimum

12 Workouts per month (XIV)
GOAT Access (24/7)
5 Steel Mill Workouts per month
Two Video Breakdowns per month
Three Doctor Dish sessions per week
Developmental Plan
Bi-weekly Evaluations

Court XIV Alumni


$70.00 per month

2 Open Gyms / week
Access to "Steel Mill"
Access during business hours
Doctor Dish Coupons (1 per week)
XIV T-Shirt

•One Time Evaluation bv Appointment Only with Court XIV Staff - $125.00


Baseball Training & Development

Vince is a professional baseball player in the Chicago White Sox organization and helps budding athletes prepare to compete at their highest level.
Coming Soon