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Access to weight training, cardio during normal business hours



Weight training, cardio plus 5 credits toward group trainings



Weight training, cardio plus 10 credits toward group trainings



Weight training, cardio plus 15 credits toward group trainings

Includes G.O.A.T.



Weight training, cardio plus 20 credits toward group trainings

Includes G.O.A.T

Group Trainings will be Monday-Friday
throughout the day. Training to include:

• Sport Specific Speed, Strength & Agility
• Adult Fitness
• Leg Day
• Back & Bi's
• Chest & Tri's

• Contact TCF for pricing and availability


Jade is the Director of Wellness & Fitness and will offer a variety of classes and education throughout the month:

• Introduction to weight training for women
• Total Body Fitness (strength & interval training)
• The Complete Factory (body weight training)
• Wellness 101 (Healing the Body from the inside out)
• Mindset (Routine, Commitment & Self-Confidence)

* All Classes are 1 hour in length and limited in size to 4-6 participants
* Contact TCF for pricing and availability

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Court XIV Remote


4 Workouts
2 Lifting Workouts (Steel Mill)
Video Breakdowns
Recruiting Consulting

Court XIV Starter


1 Workout per week
Weekly Newsletter
Access to Doctor Dish

Court XIV All Conference


8 Workouts per month
GOAT Access (24/7)
Bi-Monthly Evaluations (progress)
Full "Steel Mill" Access
Weekly Newsletter
Additional Video Clips
Two Doctor Dish Sessions per week

Court XIV All American


12 Workouts per month (XIV)
GOAT Access (24/7)
5 Steel Mill Workouts per month
Two Video Breakdowns per month
Three Doctor Dish sessions per week
Developmental Plan
Bi-weekly Evaluations

Court XIV Alumni


2 Open Gyms / week
Access to "Steel Mill"
Access during business hours
Doctor Dish Coupons (1 per week)
XIV T-Shirt

• Contact TCF for pricing and availability


Baseball Training & Development

Vince is a professional baseball player in the Chicago White Sox organization and helps budding athletes prepare to compete at their highest level.
Coming Soon